Kabul, April 19, 2020;

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on 22ndApril  2020, the Bureau for Rights Based Development (BRD), has planned to launch its advocacy event Community Action Against Plastic in Afghanistan, but due to the covid-19 pandemic and the need for physical distancing and lack down, the event has been canceled.

However, BRD will continue to engage with its partners, collaborator and target groups to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Earth Day digitally, by sending call for action to all for to taking simple action, which have positive impact on our environment, during this pandemic.

In addition to that, as part of the Let’s Do It, BRD will also join the Digital Cleanup Day 22 April 18, 2020, which will ​bring the World’s attention to virtual and digital waste​, which unfortunately also affects real life by consuming energy and contributing to production of greenhouse gases.

Like material waste, digital applications and files also create waste – namely, the unused, outdated and unnecessary apps, files and even webpages. The carbon footprint of the internet and the systems supporting it account to about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions, which is similar to the amount produced globally by the airline industry. By cleaning up our digital garbage we help cut down this number and create better habits of managing our digital data. Less digital clutter = increased focus, less waste of time. We call upon everyone to joint us celebrating the earth day through digital cleanup and declutter their devices and delete unnecessary files on April 22nd.

We see the earth day as an opportunity and chance to celebrate the nature and to join others in calling attention to the needs of protecting the place in which we all live. All people need a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment to fully enjoy their human rights.

The actions we take, will lay the foundation for a day-to-day commitment to our communities, cities and country as whole, even beyond this pandemic crisis. Protecting the environment is an issue that concerns us all and that unites us in these more difficult times.

BRD Press Release on 50th Anniversary of Earth Day
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